Integrated Workflow

As your company grows, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the flow of projects through your company's pipeline. Tasks go forgotten and contractors go unallocated.

Mineral Ownership Report

Landboss can use all of the information that you enter to generate your ownership report for you.

Landman Software for Independent Landman

As an independent landman, your reputation for getting the job done quickly and accurately is critical to your success.

Client Access

Landboss keeps everyone connected by giving clients or investors access to their prospect data and reports, allowing all members of the project to immediately log-in and find the answers to their q

Land Management Software for Operators and Producers

Landboss' unique ability to handle both land management as well as lease acquisition and administration is what makes it an excellent software tool for operators and producers.

Oil and Gas Lease Software for Brokers

Our lease acquisition software is a must-have tool for oil and gas lease brokers. As brokers hire more landmen, paperwork becomes difficult to manage and track.

Lease Management Software for Everyone

Our goal with Landboss was to build a lease management software package that was more than just a data entry application.

E-Filing With Simplifile

Landboss has partnered with Simplifile, one of the nation's largest e-filing companies, so that you can file your leases electronically.

Land Management and Lease Management

Landboss will make managing your leasing projects quicker and less prone to error.

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