Online Land & Lease Management Software


Document Management Features of Our Oil and Gas Lease Software

The document management features of our oil and gas lease software tool allows you to upload documents throughout the application, tying them to specific records in the database so they can be easily found and retrieved in the future.

Track Lease Documents

Landboss will automatically attach generated lease forms to your lease record, including lease offers, lease forms, bank drafts and more. You can also upload electronic copies of your signed documents for easy retrieval.

Easily Create a Lease Package

A lease package is a compilation of documents associated with a single owner, tract or section. It includes the ownership report and any other documents you choose to have included, such as signed lease forms, curatives, lease purchase reports and others. These documents are compiled into a single PDF for easy download and distribution.

Track Legal Instruments

You can easily attach copies of legal instruments, such as warranty deeds or curatives, to any tract owner. You will also be able to create a chain of title for each tract and easily attach documents to each title record.

Manage Receipts

Landboss allows you to easily attach copies of all of the receipts that were uploaded by staff and landmen to expense reports and invoices with a single click.