Online Land & Lease Management Software


Land Management and Lease Management

Landboss will make managing your leasing projects quicker and less prone to error.

Track Land and Ownership

Define tracts of land located in any state, using any legal description system in the industry. Document and review the owner of each tract of land and how much interest is assigned to each tract. Then, let Landboss build the ownership report for you.

Track Leases

Track the status and activity of a lease through the full life cycle, from the initial offer to signing.

Manage Obligations

Track and pay lease obligations such as bonus payments, rental payments, renewals and more. View reports that show all of your upcoming payments for a single prospect or all of your prospects.

Automatic Notifications

Never again forget a payment or accidentally let a lease expire. Landboss automatically emails you when you have upcoming payments that are due soon or when one of your leases, or one of your competitor's leases, is about to expire.