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Time & Billing Software for Lease Brokers and Landmen

Many Landboss clients have cut their billing time by 70-80%!  Instead of sifting through hundreds of Excel Expense Sheets, have landmen enter their time and expenses into Landboss, allowing you to easily generate invoices and payroll.

Enter Time and Expenses

Landmen and staff can enter expense sheets through our web interface.  Time and expenses can be entered by prospect, tract, and lessors; This allows for flexible billing to your client.

Upload Receipts

For easy organization and tracking, staff and landmen can upload copies of receipts for expenses incurred while working a prospect. The copies are then attached to your invoices and expense sheets.

Simplify Accounting

Landboss streamlines the accounting process by making it simple to create invoices and paychecks.

Create Invoices

Easily bill your clients as Landboss sifts through timesheets and creates the invoices for you.

Generate Payroll

Pay your landmen quickly and without errors as Landboss sorts their timesheets, calculates their pay and generates the checks.

Export to QuickBooks

If using QuickBooks, ensure your accounting records always match by exporting invoices and payroll created in Landboss.