Online Land & Lease Management Software


Online Mapping With Our Land Management Software

Plot and update your tracts in our land management software tool using the Landboss interactive map, with or without your GIS professional.

Automatically Colorize Tracts

Colorize the tracts to visually see the status of the leases affecting the tracts. When changing a lease offer to a signed lease, the map is updated automatically.

Multiple Ways To Plot Shapes

There are different ways to get your tract shapes plotted onto the map in Landboss.

Generate Tract Shapes

If using PLSS to describe tracts, have a tract shape generated for you using its legal description.

Upload Tract Shapes

Upload uniquely shaped tracts that can be created in a GIS application and automatically placed on the interactive map.

Draw Tract Shapes

Our Sketch Tract tool allows you to draw your tracts right on the map, negating the need for a GIS professional in most situations.

Export and Print

Export the map as a PDF file at any time for archiving, printing or electronic distribution.

Full-Screen View

For clear and easy viewing, the interactive map in Landboss offers a full-screen view.