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LANDBOSS v1.27.7 Released

December 16, 2012

Version 1.27.7 of Landboss contains fixes for several issues, most of which were minor, and some more work on the new search screens.

New Features

  • Added "(inactive)" to the prospect name in all prospect combo boxes that need to include inactive prospects (mainly those related to timesheets).
  • The new lease status change notification will now be generated with a low priority instead of medium.
  • Changed the party search screens to show 25 results instead of just 10.

Errors Fixed

  • Optimized party merging so that it works faster and doesn't break when the two parties have lots of associated records.
  • Corrected issue that was preventing additional affected owners from being removed from an ownership note.
  • Corrected very minor wording problem on Tract Activity, Lease Activity, and Party Activity screens.
  • The Leasing Agent combo on the Lease Parties & Tracts screen now lists inactive users so that the screen isn't broken when viewing leases with an inactive user set as the leasing agent.
  • Corrected an issue with the county list on the Prospect Info screen.
  • Corrected an issue that was sometimes causing notification emails from being sent.
  • The Open Leasehold Report now correctly sorts by the sum of an owners total open acreage across all tracts.
  • Searching by legal description on the Search Tracts screen now works properly.
  • The mapped status filters on the Tract Search screen now correctly filter the results.
  • Corrected issue with recent activity list that occurred when a user had access to 100's of prospects.
  • The STR filter on the Lease Search screen now works properly.
  • Corrected some text issues in the workflow notifications.
  • All of the search screens will now have the correct default sorting applied when they are first loaded.
  • Searching by subdivision on Tract Search screen now works properly.
  • Corrected some issues that was sometimes causing the Approve Selected button on the Review Time Entries screen to become unresponsive.
  • The standard lease and tract CSV exports will now properly handle quotation marks in the notes and description fields, ensuring that the CSV file is correctly formed.