Features to Streamline Your Operations

Land and Lease Management Software for Operators, Lease Brokers, and Independent Contractors

Landboss makes it possible for companies to manage lease acquisition and administration in a single system. Designed to increase efficiency, the web-based, land management software makes it easy to locate previously entered data, eliminate duplicate data entry, and produce insightful reports.

  • Define tracts of land located in any state, using any legal description system in the industry
  • Enter data for oil and gas leases, as well as renewable leases like wind and solar.
  • Track and pay lease obligations such as bonus payments, rental payments, renewals and more
  • Get your shapes on the online map by letting Landboss generate them, by uploading a ShapeFile, or by manually sketching them on the map
  • Improve your accounting process by easily creating invoices and 1099 paystubs

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Feature List

Land Management

Manage your prospects using Landboss's features designed specifically for land management.

Define tracts of land located in any state, using any legal description system in the industry. Document and review the owner of each tract of land and how much interest is assigned to each tract. Then, let Landboss build the ownership report for you.

Easily find your unleased tracts and track mineral owners and store and receive detailed notes.

Upload the complete chain of title for a tract including images of courthouse instruments.

Lease Management

Lease acquisition and management is a breeze with several purpose built features in Landboss.

Enter data for oil and gas leases, as well as leases for renewables like wind and solar.

Track the status and activity of a lease through the full life cycle, from the initial offer to signing.

Track and pay lease obligations such as bonus payments, rental payments, renewals and more.

Using mail merge technology, quickly create lease offer letters, lease contracts and more.

Never again forget a payment or accidentally let a lease expire. Landboss automatically emails you when you have upcoming payments that are due soon or when a leases is about to expire.

Timesheets and Accounting

Determining how much to pay contractors and how much to bill clients can quickly become a chore without an industry specific system like Landboss.

Landmen and staff can enter time worked and expenses incurred through the web interface and the time and expenses can be organized by prospect, PLSS section, and tract.

For easy organization and tracking, staff and landmen can upload copies of receipts for expenses incurred while working a prospect. The copies are then attached to your invoices and expense sheets.

Easily bill your clients as Landboss sifts through timesheets and creates the invoices for you.

Pay your landmen quickly and without errors as Landboss sorts their timesheets, calculates their pay and generates the checks.

If using QuickBooks Desktop, ensure your accounting records always match by exporting invoices and payroll created in Landboss.

Online Mapping

Plot and update your tracts in our land management software tool using the Landboss interactive map, with or without a GIS professional.

Landboss automatically colorizes tracts on the map so you can visualize the status of prospect. For example, when changing a lease offer to a signed lease, the map is updated automatically.

For tracts described with PLSS, Landboss can generate a tract shape for you using its legal description.

Upload shapes files created in a GIS application.

With the built-in Sketch Tract tool, you can draw tracts right on the map.

Document Management

Upload documents and tye them to specific records in the database so they can be easily found and retrieved in the future.

Landboss will automatically attach generated lease forms to your lease. You can also upload electronic copies of your signed documents for easy retrieval.

You can easily attach copies of legal instruments, such as warranty deeds or curatives, to any tract owner. You will also be able to create a chain of title for each tract and easily attach documents to each title record.

Landboss allows you to easily attach copies of all of the receipts that were uploaded by staff and landmen to expense reports and invoices with a single click.

Integrated Workflow

As your company grows, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the flow of projects through your company's pipeline. Tasks go forgotten and contractors go unallocated. The Workflow feature in Landboss is designed to alleviate that problem.

Tasks in Landboss are assigned to users, and as they move through your organization, their status is updated until they arrive back to you completed. At any time, you can filter and sort all of the tasks in the pipeline using the handy Workflow Dashboard.

The Workflow feature was designed to help managers, so when a task is assigned to a user, they are sent a notification, so you don't have to.

Client Access

Keep everyone connected by giving clients or investors access to their prospect data and reports, allowing all members of the project to immediately log-in and find the answers to their questions.

Clients are limited to only the data that you grant them access to and reports are tailored to them.